Apple rejecting apps that integrate with Rdio and Dropbox  

Apple is apparently rejecting apps that merely link to mobile webpages from which a user can sign up for a subscription service. Goran Daemon P, in a post on the Dropbox support forum:

Reason for rejection is the fact that if the user does not have Dropbox application installed then the linking authorization is done through Safari (as per latest SDK).

Once the user is in Safari it is possible for the user to click “Desktop version” and navigate to a place on Dropbox site where it is possible to purchase additional space.

Apple views this as “sending user to an additional purchase” which is against rules.

From the Hacker News thread, a similar story about Rdio integration from starnix17:

I had a simliar rejection because of my app’s Rdio integration.
If the user had Rdio installed, my app would open the song in the Rdio native app. If the user didn’t have the app installed, my app would open the song on the Rdio web site in MobileSafari. Apple didn’t like this since you could purchase an Rdio subscription on that webpage bypassing the IAP and Apple’s 30% cut.

This is insanely stupid of Apple. It angers me that they have not yet solved these problems.


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