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I like to look at raw numbers every once in a while, without external influence, to recalibrate my ability to judge the magnitude of things. Here are some of the numbers from Facebook’s most recent S-1 filing (published on May 3rd) which I think are important as metrics to compare against when thinking about relative success and opportunity. (Sources are at the bottom.)

 Total users and engagement

125,000 M Friendships

2,000 M Likes per day

1,000 M Comments posted per day

901 M Monthly active users

526 M Daily Active users

488 M Monthly active mobile users

302 M Photos uploaded each day

 User penetration

85% Chile, Turkey, and Venezuela

60% India, the United Kingdom and the United States

30%-40% Brazil and Germany

20% Japan, Russia, and South Korea

0% China

 Daily active users

526 M Worldwide total

152 M Europe

129 M US & Canada

126 M Rest of the world

119 M Asia

 Monthly active users

901 M Worldwide total

242 M Rest of the world

241 M Europe

230 M Asia

188 M US & Canada

 Revenue (last quarter)

$1,058 M Worldwide total

$525 M US & Canada

$328 M Europe

$118 M Asia

$87 M Rest of the world

82.42% Revenue from advertising

17.58% Revenue from payments (and other)

15% Revenue connected to Zynga

 Ages of Facebook directors and officers

27 Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman and CEO

37 Mike Schroepfer, VP Engineering

39 David Fischer, VP Marketing

40 Marc Andreessen, Director

42 Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer

42 David A. Ebersman, Chief Financial Officer

44 Theodore Ullyot, VP & General Counsel

44 Peter Thiel, Director

50 James Breyer, Director

51 Reed Hastings, Director

66 Erskine Bowles, Director

66 Donald Graham, Director

 Executive compensation in 2011 (cash+stock)

$30,957,952 Sheryl Sandberg, COO

$24,804,472 Mike Schroepfer, VP Engineering

$18,761,293 David Ebersman, CFO

$7,082,294 Theodore Ullyot, VP, General Counsel

$1,712,362 Mark Zuckerberg, CEO

 Board member compensation in 2011

$618,067 Marc Andreessen

$610,067 Erskine Bowles

$16,667 James Breyer

$16,667 Donald Graham

$16,667 Reed Hastings

$16,667 Peter Thiel

 Ownership after IPO

23.550% Mark Zuckerberg

7.632% James Breyer (and Accel Partners)

6.253% Dustin Moskovitz

4.912% DST Global Limited

3.258% Sean Parker

2.109% Mail.ru

1.729% Peter Thiel

1.660% Elevation Partners

1.560% Meritech Capital Partners

1.387% Greylock Partners

1.227% Microsoft Corporation

0.309% Marc Andreessen

0.201% Mark Pincus

0.112% David Ebersman

0.107% Mike Schroepfer

0.095% Theodore Ullyot

0.089% Sheryl Sandberg

 Frequency of words appearing in S-1

404 Users

169 Mobile

124 Payments

38 Zynga

34 Microsoft

32 Games

18 Phone

14 Google

6 iOS

4 Android

2 Apple

Sources: All numbers are from Facebook’s most recent S-1, filed on May 3rd, 2012. Ownership percentages: Page 145, and calculated based on the number of beneficially owned shares against 2,138,085,037 total expected outstanding shares after the offering. Disregarded voting difference between Class A and Class B shares. Ages of Facebook directors and officers: Page 108. Executive compensation in 2011: Page 125. Board member compensation in 2011: Page 114. Ownership after IPO: Page 141. Total users and engagement: Page 2. User penetration: Page 48-49. Monthly active users: Page 48. Daily active users: Page 49. Revenue: Page 51.

Disclosure: I am considering purchasing Facebook stock after the IPO.


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