1. Intensely focus on fitness and appearance, above all else.
  2. Don’t get lost or stuck in day-to-day loops.
  3. Repair old friendships. Proactively build new ones.
  4. Have more gay friends.
  5. Open up.
  6. Date.
  7. Don’t be afraid of romantic relationships.
  8. Take the time to step back and remember the big picture.
  9. Stop being so damn mysterious. But use mystery as leverage.
  10. Spend most of the time around intellectually rigorous people.
  11. Figure out how to have less awkward friendships with attractive guys.
  12. Travel less.
  13. Always start with first principles thinking.
  14. Reduce drug dependencies.
  15. Think ten steps further ahead than most people think is reasonable.
  16. Don’t be reasonable. (Who has time for that?)
  17. Abs.
  18. Actively avoid hedonic adaptation.
  19. Share experiences with others.
  20. Stop talking about money.
  21. Connect people together through introductions as often as possible.
  22. Host events.
  23. Don’t be defined by consumption.
  24. Be defined by creation.
  25. Write.
  26. Open a hotel.
  27. Use jealousy as a catalyst. Stop allowing it to be an inhibitor.
  28. Don’t gloat. (Try not to do it accidentally.)
  29. Don’t forget that good friends are the only cure for depression.
  30. Delegate, even if the result is worse.
  31. Read.
  32. Take quarterly breaks. Make them count.
  33. Meditate.
  34. Use social media for sharing ideas or meeting new people. Or as leverage.
  35. Spend more time in Miami.
  36. Sleep more.
  37. Earn respect.
  38. Do what you say you’re going to do.

In my personal life, there are three themes I want to focus on during 2019: building healthy habits, developing closer and more meaningful relationships, and having an intense focus on fitness and appearance.


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